New Year’s Eve 2016 London

New Year’s Eve 2016 London, England

For those who are still planned for New Year’s Eve, here are same tips to watch the spectacular fireworks prepared by London on the south bank of the Thames. The New Year’s Eve 2016 London will be unforgettable!!

New Year's Eve 2016 London

New Year’s Eve 2016 London

New Year’s Eve 2016 London – Follow those tips:

  • Where to attend: You can see the fireworks from anywhere in town that has views over the London Eye. The most coveted spots and with a view privileged are: on the north bank of the Thames; between Waterloo; and Lambeth bridges. The city will also install giant screens in Trafalgar Square and the Parliament Square.
  • The best time to arrive: Do not leave it too late. Once the seat reaches maximum capacity, the police closed the access and does not enter anyone else. This also applies to where the screens are installed. Everyone should be in there at around 22:00.
  • How to arrive: Trains and night buses operate throughout the night and will be free between 23:45 and 4:30. Plan your trip because some subway stations in the West End and near the London Eye have special hours operation, and some close. The festival ends shortly after the show and everyone wants to leave away.
  • What to do up until 24:00: It is usual to have a guest DJ, from 22:00 h. At 23:55, then the countdown begins at 00:00 to give Big Ben struck 12. And there are 10 minutes of beautiful fireworks display, with fireworks being launched from the London Eye and also from barges stops on the river. In the end, everyone sings the traditional song of New Year’s Anglo-Saxon world “Auld Lang Syne.”
  • The pubs are open, but most of theme, in the area, charge for entry ticket and tickets must be purchased in advance.

For those who love a good show of fireworks, it´s very beautiful and unforgettable! You can see these video to have an idea:

Happy New Year’s Eve 2016 London!

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