New Year’s Eve 2016 in Vienna

New Year’s Eve 2016 in Vienna – Austria

If you want to start the New Year in style, go to the New Year Eve 2016 in Vienna and feel special,  dancing in New Year ballroom at the Imperial Palace. Vienna is a magical city, however, in Christmas and New Year time, the magic is even bigger and more special. The last day of the year in Vienna, turns into a whirlwind of fun and entertainment and city delivery in the fun and dance.

With twinkling lights that brighten up the fantastic architecture, the incredibly welcoming atmosphere and aromas of chestnuts and mulled wine, make the experience of New Year’s in Vienna, is unlike any other.

New Year's Eve 2016 in Vienna

New Year’s Eve 2016 in Vienna

Celebrations New Year’s Eve 2016 in Vienna

At midnight you can hear the famous chimes of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. New Year’s Eve in Vienna, anything can happen. You can opt for an outdoor party, with a last-minute waltz in ‘Silvesterpfad’, choose one of several clubs in the city as the WUK, Passage, or Flex, or celebrate one of the many pubs in the “Gürtel” as the B72, the Rhizaria or Chelsea. Shortly before midnight have the possibility to watch the official fireworks that illuminate the city.
And becouse Vienna is the capital of Waltz, you can have fun dancing in the ballroom of the famous “Kaiserball.” In the halls of the magnificent “Hofburg” can enjoy a splendid dinner and then start the new year dancing a waltz.

In Vienna should not miss the “Neujahrskonzert”, performed by Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The Vienna Philharmonic plays a selection of waltzes, polkas and operetta melodies. These festive New Year’s concerts are a great social event. Tickets are very difficult to find, but there are other orchestras that offer the same kind of music and are more accessible.

If you get tickets in advance, you can treat on New Year’s Eve Imperial Ball on New Year’s Eve, the biggest style imaginable. You have the opportunity to wear his suit and dancing at night, with elegance, until dawn. It can get expensive, but if you want an unforgettable New Year, will be worth it.

The city center of Vienna, also becomes a great celebration. Within two hours of Dec. 31 and up to two hours of January 1, you can enjoy concerts in the streets of Vienna. You can dance to the waltz, always present, and watch the fireworks. The streets are filled with tents, where about 70 diners make known their culinary delights.

The Old Town of Vienna, the highlight is the fabulous environment that creates both a gala dinner or a dance party, concert or opera. The music is rock, pop and folk music and DJ’s are also present in the New Year festivities. The Vienna Dance Schools offer intensive courses of the waltz.

Vienna is a safe city compared to other Western capitals and therefore the street parties are great places for families to enjoy the feast together.

Vienna also offers great celebrations and a series of events to commemorate the New Year, in other cities, in addition to Vienna.

Another excellent choice for a memorable and romantic New Year, are New Year’s Eve cruise on the Danube. When the city and surrounding countryside soothes becomes icy or snowy, it is more beautiful than usual.

The train “Majestic Imperator”, a veritable palace on rails, it allows you to spend the New Year’s Eve in style and luxury.

The price of housing can be a problem in Vienna at this time of year. Especially in the city center. The accommodation outside the center, is a little cheaper. Know the approximate prices of housing of certain hotels in Vienna:

  • Carantania Pension *** –
  • Hotel Adrigan ***  –
  • Kaffeemühle Aparthotel *** –
  • Hotel Geblergasse – *** –

Vienna is a charming town, with a special charm, especially during Christmas and New Year’ Eve. Choose to spend the New Year’s Eve 2016 in Vienna and enjoy!

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