New Year’s Eve 2016 in Germany

Reveillon and New Year’s Eve 2016 in Germany

Discover this country and go spend the New Year’s Eve 2016 in Germany. This magnificent country has many things to offer, its countless cities to visit, stories to tell. The New Year is celebrated in Germany on 1 January according to the Gregorian Calendar.

New Year’s Eve 2016 in Germany – Traditions of New Year’s Eve in German

In celebration of the new year, the Germans do not forget to follow all their customs and traditions. People eat, drink, dance, play, exchange greetings and ask wishes for the New Year.

A very popular tradition of predicting the future, called “Bleigiessen” is followed by many Germans with great fervor. They drop molten lead into cold water, to predict the future of the people according to the form that created the fall. If the shape looks like a heart or a ring meant marriage, if the shape looks like a boat means a trip, or if the shape looks like a pig, it symbolizes abundance of food in the year ahead.

A plate of herring or carp (fish special dish) with cabbage and carrots, is prepared and eaten on New Year’s Eve to bring financial stability for the next year. Moreover, people share meat and cheese with close friends and family. Lentil soup with sausage is another popular dish and is prepared a few days before the big day. People also share meat and cheese fondue with family and friends. Donuts filled with jam or liquor are eaten by the celebrants.

In another tradition people leave a little of each food consumed on New Year’s Eve, until after midnight, so as to ensure a well-stocked pantry in the new year ahead.

New Year's Eve 2016 in Germany

New Year’s Eve 2016 in Germany

Celebration of New Year’s Eve 2016 in Germany

The German new year’s Eve is call Silvester, since Dec. 31 is the feast day of St. Silvestre. Silvester was a fourth-century pope who cured leprosy and baptized the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.

The New Year’s Eve in Germany is very noisy. In celebration of New Year’s Eve 2016 count with lots of dancing, music, drinks and a meal of luxury. People like to spend the New Year with their loved ones, but the restaurants are crowded with people.

In Germany, parties are common in the New Year. Fireworks are very popular. You can celebrate the New Year’s Eve 2016 in Germany, one of the most famous New Year celebrations, is the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin Every year Berlin hosts one of the biggest celebrations of the year-end in Europe, attended by more than a million people. The focal point is the Brandenburg Gate, where there are the fireworks. The Germans toast the New Year with a glass of Sekt (German sparkling wine) or champagne.

Once the clock strikes twelve chimes, people wish each other “Gutes Nue Jahr” or “Happy New Year”. Church bells ring loudly, and the fireworks light up the sky.

The celebrations of New Year’s Eve 2016 in Germany, will be celebrated with joy and enthusiasm by the people of Germany. People are excited and want is to enjoy the whole party.

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