New Year’s Eve 2016 Disney

New Year’s Eve 2016 Disney – Disneyland

Live an enchanted and magical New Year’s Eve 2016 Disney. Meet one of the most magical places in the world and learn all about the festive New Year from Disney.

Imagine the most exciting and fun new year ever, with a spectacular fireworks show and an evening of special performances in Disneyland Park. The magic is closer than you think.

Every year the Disneyland Park in Paris is filled with children of all ages to party a spectacular Christmas and New Year.

This holiday season the park Disney is white with snowflakes, and a huge Christmas tree is erected in Town Square, the castle of Sleeping Beauty is transformed and filled with thousands of lights, the village of Santa Claus spirit animates the the younger, and follow-up shows him to Mickey and all his friends.

With over one million Christmas lights scattered throughout the resort, there is no more magical place to spend New Year’s family. On New Year’s Eve, Disneyland Park is home to a huge celebration that culminates with a magnificent and extravagant fireworks over Sleeping Beauty Castle to welcome the New Year.

If you want to spend New Year’s Eve 2016 Disney, will have to book in advance, only then will get a fabulous New Year celebration.

New Year's Eve 2016 Disney

New Year’s Eve 2016 Disney

Dinner New Year’s Eve 2016 Disney

Enjoy a sumptuous feast of New Year’s Eve 2016 in various restaurants in Disneyland Resort Paris. You can get better prices if you book through the website disneylandparis Special meals for New Year 2016, are available for example at the Disneyland Hotel, New York, Newport Bay Club, Sequoia Lodge, Hotel Cheyenne and Disney Village in La Grange at Billy Bob’s Saloon, etc.. Note that the dinners in hotels, are available only to guests of these hotels.

The magic of Disney infects children and adults. If you have not visited this enchanted world, be sure to celebrate the New Year’s Eve 2016 Disney.

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  1. I think to honestly enpireexce everything in a relaxing no hectic manner you cannot enpireexce both parks in one day. In fact you might not get to everything in a relaxed manner in two. If you want to enpireexce everything I suggest you plan your day before you start it. And also have a backup plan such as if a line is too long or something is not working at the moment. Hope you have a fun trip